The Amharc team have extensive experience in the construction of bridges, tunnels, rail, mine and process infrastructure and water retaining structures. We have a reputation for providing quality, cost effective and on time projects in all areas of civil works, especially bridgeworks.

Amharc operate in regional and remote areas and are skilled at logistical support and in delivering engineering projects in difficult terrains and harsh climatic conditions. The company offers the following services;

Main Services


The Amharc team continues to live up to our well earned reputation for building high quality bridges on time and on budget with an unblemished safety record. We have the ability to deliver on highly complex designs above and around rail lines, busy freeways and other active infrastructure. Bridges are our core competency and are the structures in which we have the most experience. Our highly capable field staff are trained and accredited in working at heights and using elevated work platforms, tele-handlers and light cranes to ensure that the flow of traffic and other machinery continues unimpeded during construction. We specialize in multi-span, pre-stressed structures and have the capability to deliver on large bridge projects and associated packages of work.

Amharc’s end to end bridge building service includes supply and installation of all formwork, placement of steel reinforcing and placement and finish of concrete. We also supply professional supervision and labour, and undertake stressing and grouting, scaffolding, pipe laying (as required) and light–craneage including dogman. A more detailed capability statement for each aspect of our bridge building service is outlined in the links below:

Drainage and Retaining Structures

Amharc has extensive experience in delivering large scale drainage and retaining structures including water tight tanks and dams. Our expertise includes waste water treatment plants and road and rail infrastructure projects such as large culverts and headwalls. We have delivered a diverse range of such projects, working seamlessly with other contractors while successfully managing costs, timelines, quality and safety.

Project Management

The Amharc project management team brings many years of infrastructure project delivery experience to each new job. From project initiation, through planning, execution and project completion, our detailed project management methodology and systems ensure that resources, costs, risks, timelines and quality are carefully monitored and controlled to deliver outstanding results each and every time.

In addition to project management capability, Amharc also provides highly experienced site Supervision, either as part of a broader project team, or as a stand-alone service.

Extra Services

Working at Heights

Working at heights is a skill that is central to Amharc’s suite of services. Few contractors can match the safety record and efficiency with which we execute elevated work.

Use of elevated work platforms, scissor lifts and tele-handlers

One of Amharc’s core capabilities is the use of elevated work platforms, scissor lifts and telehandlers. This capability supports our ability to safetly work at heights to deliver large and complex structural concreting projects such as bridges and large retaining structures. All of our scissor lift and telehandler operators are ticketed and experienced in their use.

Light craneage (up to 50 tonne), Franna and Telehandlers (including dogman)

Amharc’s ability to provide our own light craneage service sets us apart from smaller, less sophisticated contractors and enables Amharc’s clients to simplify contract and construction management processes. Our project management methodology ensures that such craneage costs are minimised and resultant savings flow on to our clients.

Scaffolding supply and erection

Amharc supply our own formwork and are highly skilled in its erection and safe removal from construction sites. All Amharc Scaffolders hold current tickets and regularly attend training to ensure safety risks are minimised and construction quality is maximised.

Supply and installation of formwork

Amharc use a variety of formwork brands depending on project requirements. We are skilled in the use of Acrow, Harsco, RMD, Peri and Unispan formwork systems. Our team uses diligent pre-planning and innovative design to minimize the falsework footprint when required. This approach supports the unimpeded movement of vehicles and allows other construction activity to occur simultaneously.

Placement of steel reinforcing

Amharc works with a talented team of steel fixers to deliver high quality structural frameworks for all types of concrete projects. We have been challenged by, and delivered successfully on, some complex projects over the years. Working at height, above traffic and rail while producing formations that are not only structurally sound, but also visually appealing, is all part of our core capability. Refer to Case Study 1 for an example of Amharc’s ability to fix steel to a complex design.

Placement and finish of concrete

Amharc recognises that, as important as the scaffolding, formwork and reinforcing work may be, it is the finish of the product that is immediately visible and will be judged for years to come. This is why we take great care and follow a strict process when pouring and finishing concrete structures. Our ability to achieve high quality results when completing large pours, often on multiple workfaces, is one of our hallmarks. Refer to Case Study 1 and Case Study 4 for examples of Amharc’s ability in this area.

Supply of experienced supervision and skilled labour

Amharc has crews of skilled labour and professional Supervisors at multiple sites within Queensland and interstate at any given time. Our Supervisors are typically grown from within our own ranks, supported with training in project management and safety and mentored in leadership and human resource management. By investing in our people, Amharc can offer our clients the very best Supervision, either independently or with a crew of skilled labour.

Our workforce is highly mobile and supported by an Enterprise Agreement and administration systems that allow for the differing terms and conditions that come with site based work. Each crew member is multiskilled, experienced in construction and holds tickets in the equipment they use. Most importantly, every Amharc member of staff has a ticket for working at heights, a core skill in our line of work.

Stressing and grouting

Amharc conduct all stressing and grouting activities in house with our competent and experienced personnel. Amharc are experts at the stressing of precast concrete deck units, including the preparation and installation of the tranverse stressing bars and sleeves, the setting up and operation of the stressing jacks and the supply of grout pumps and grouting of the sleeves post tensioning. Amharc also place and grout all cast in items including HD bolts.

Pipe laying

Amharc have the expertise required to carry out trenching and pipe laying for civil, mechanical and electrical applications. Previous experience include but are not limited to surface water drainage, wastewater, electrical and communications conduits, potable water and other services. Amharc have experienced pipelayers working full time as part of our crews.

Blockwork (core filled block retaining walls)

In addition to our standard structural concreting work, Amharc also offer the supplementary service of installing core filled block retaining walls to assist our clients in completing construction projects.

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